16 Ağu 2014

TS4 Gallery!

Hello guys,as you know TS4 CAS Demo is out so i made some sims,you can download some of them by searching tag "#potentissimum".Follow me for more sims that i'll put! :)

3 May 2014

Printed Leggings

Hey!It is time for new downloads.I made them long time ago but i was too lazy to share with you.I hope you'll like it.There are 5 random and 5 floral print leggings.

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

12 Mar 2014

Lana Del Rey inspired Pose Pack

Well,I finished this a month ago but i was too lazy to share. -.- I really love Lana Del Rey so I tryed something with her poses.I hope you like it! :)

:::: DOWNLOAD :::

8 Mar 2014


Finally I made sim with dark skin and piercing. :P
I don't know why but there's blur on photos which makes me angry.I hope you'll like it,anyway ^^

::: DOWNLOAD :::

6 Şub 2014

Sharah & Joseph

Hey guys,valentine's day gift here!And it's not late haha.
Thank you for 100000 pageview's it's really incredible!

1 Şub 2014

Just A Crop Top

 Hello!I am here again but not with a sim or a pose pack.I am here with a crop top!This is my very first cloth edit and i dont know what to say,I edited IN3S Crop Top with some cutie stencils.I hope you like it!

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<
Also shared at my simblr ////

23 Oca 2014

This's How We Do! Pose Pack

Yey!Another pose pack!This is for my beatiful followers,this is for you guys!I hope you'll like it.

more photos and important note at my tumblr.