1 Ara 2012

Katy Perry

So I decited to publish Katy Perry.I'm happy,ı'm proud and I love you guys.Thank you for support :)

26 Kas 2012


I wanna create a celebrate sim.My first sim in celebration sims is Katy Perry.If you want download her,just let me know or message me in my simblr

25 Kas 2012


I've bought SN 2 months ago but I didnt create a SN sim.Although I love fantastic things.And I wanna create little bit different sim.Her lipstick is yellow.That's good for me.This is different.I hope you like it :)

3 Kas 2012

20 Eki 2012


Halloween is coming!!I just wanna create a halloween sim so I created this sim.
I think her mother is Bonehilda :D 

7 Eki 2012


Hello there!I hope you like it :)


^^Click for the large picture^^

30 Eyl 2012

Model Pose Pack

My newest pose pack!In fact,cannot be said that I like.But I want shared them.Thank you for 20.000 visitors!
This pose pack included poselist. :)