31 Ara 2013

Merry Xmas!

It's been a pretty wonderful year..And I think I've done good things about Sims.I hope 2014 will be great,healty and full of love to us.I've prepared a picture which contains my succesfull sims I done during 2013..I am having so much fun with you guys.I'm not willing to retire yet :P Sometimes I can dissappear haha but I am still here.Oh and there is Sims 4 in 2014.Bloody Hell.I am looking forward to have it..Anyways,thank you for everyting..Keep following me :P 

Merry Xmas!

15 Eyl 2013


My school starts tomorrow :/ So i made new sim before i go.My lovely Xiaoyu!My first version was in July,2011.It was reaally crappy.So i made new with new downloads.I hope you like it ^^

--Xiaoyu-- is a character from tekken games!


28 Ağu 2013


Hello guys!I wanted to share this sim in 24 August on my birthday.But I have some problem to share.So here he is!I made a male sim after a looong time.I hope you'll like it.


21 Ağu 2013

You go,girl!Pose Pack

Hello guys,I made a follower gift.A pose pack!I made my last pose pack in February.So I said to myself lets have another pose pack.This pose pack includes 6 different theme.Not that beatiful but I like it.I hope you'll like it tho. :3

 and of course includes pose list :3




9 Tem 2013


Hello!Today is 9th July which means SimsTR is 13 years old!And that is my gift for you guys!


13 Haz 2013

New Downloads!

Sidera has new creations now!You can visit & download our creations,just a little preview

10 Haz 2013

Sidera Studio!

Hello guys,we made new blog.Who we are?
We are Sidera
More information in our blog.Oh and this blog  is still valid. :P I'll continue share my sims here.

11 May 2013


Hey!I am happy because my tumblr followers reached 400.And number of visit to my blog almost 70.000.Thank you!So,I made sim - as always - I hope you like it! (^^)


20 Nis 2013


Yay!After a looong time,I am here with new sim!I wanna create sim every week.But I am so busy that I cant even open game!But I have free time this weekend so I created sim!I love her still,so do you? :F 


9 Mar 2013


Yey!My new sim - I call her "big-lip" - is available for download!Thank you :)

16 Şub 2013


Here my gift!Valentine's Day gift but we shoul call it "delayed Valentine's Day gift" You know,I'm not good at create a male sim!Sorry for that.And this is my first couple sim,ehehe!